Norton 2016 Trial Reset

Norton has released a new product update. So, what this means? Usually, software security companies such Symantec, release a brand new software each year with several improvements and fixes. Those new versions, are usually distinguished with the year date, e.g Norton 2010, 2011… 2015. That is because the version number always increment one unit. This is not the case… I am naming this tutorial as Norton 2016, but in fact, this stills version 2015 (22.0) + some fixes and improvements, and as result we got the version 22.5. So, I am assuming this 22.5 version is likely the Norton 2016, because in some way it is and during the public BETA is was branded that way. It is a big surprise here, I am sure everyone was expecting a 23 version.. Is Norton that great that doesn’t need new versions anymore? *sarcasm*

What’s new with Product Update?
Of course, there were bug fixes, but Norton highlights that the major new feature is that Norton is now compatible with most recent Microsoft OS, Windows 10. That’s it? Yes… Oh and they did “little” improvements with UI…
This is the fixed bug list:

  • Norton AntiSpam stops filtering spam emails from Outlook  
  • Norton fails to activate with error codes (-6) & (-1010)
  • False positive detections “Suspicious.Cloud.x” after updating Norton 
  • Norton Identity Safe fails to auto fill websites with multiple logins

Where to download?
Unless you have Norton v22 installed, you can download the setup directly from Norton websites, otherwise the Live Update will install this update.
Visit Norton download center

How to reset my trial?
(testing September 3rd)

mod apk