Office 2016 Public Preview Download

During the Ignite conference, Microsoft has pushed Office 2016 from Consumer Preview to Public Preview branch. Now, you have 180 days to test this preview, unless you have Office 365 subscription. The Consumer Preview was limited to 7 days.
The installation process is really simple, known as Click-to-Run
Once you open the installation executable file, a small orange window will show up centered on screen and will complete the installation on background process. This installation is independent of any configuration.

Discuss: Click-to-run
This might be a wonderful feature for users who have no experiences with software installation and who see the configuration steps like a ‘nerd thing’. On the other hand, this forces the user to install ALL OFFICE PRODUCTS, Word, PowerPoint and so on.. I really hope Microsoft bring back the image files when Office get’s final shape and arrive on the market, providing to the user the ability to customize the installation process like it was possible on previous versions. What do you think about this? I would like to hear your opinion 🙂


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Office 2016 Public Preview Click-to-run Click-to-run
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