Prevent Data From Cut Copy Paste Delete Rename

How to Protect your files form copying deleting , moving from one drive to an other drive
Download Disable or Prevent data latest version 1.0 full for windows

Hi friend today I want to share a software that help us from Prevent data from Cut Copying , Deleting , Renaming or Removing or Moving, This is a very nice and grate application , If you have some most important data like Videos , Audio , Photos of your Family or software or Documents in your System hard drive and you want to that no any one of  your friend or any family member not take or copy of your data from your hard drive in to his USB Flash Drive, Pin Driver or CD DVD room then you need to use an a little or Tiny application name is Prevent software full version , How to block or Prevent Data From Copy Paste Delete Rename or Moving? or How to Prevent Data From Copy Paste Delete Rename Moving in your Windows Operating system from one drive or folder to an other folder drive
This software allow us to given below facility
It is will help us to Stop Cut the data from your Hard driver
Provide us facility to Stop Copy your important file in to an other driver or USB 
It is prevent data to Stop Paste in to an other memory media
You can not Rename your file with feature Stop Rename
It help us to Stop Deleting file from your Hard Drive
Save data from Stop Copy To any other memory card or USB drive
It help us to Stop Move to any other data source and also provide us facility to Disable Task Manager’s End Process button it means you will not be able to open task manager,
You can Stop Send To feature of your windows , So there are some good feature that will help you to do that , just you need to installed this software and see given below instruction. Note:- If you want to copying data then you need to use Hot key for disabling this feature then you will be able to copy , Moving or renaming your data

Screenshot of Prevent data file from Hard Drive:-

How to secure your data from copy , Past ,delete rename from one driver to an other drive
Installed Prevent v1.0 in to your system 
How to save important data from some one taking from your drive
Open your Software and select your own Hot key for disabling Prevent feature
How to save data from copying to your hard drive
Now you have saved your Hot key 

Feature of Prevent Software 2015 full:-

This software help us to given below feature ,
After installation and set up your hot key then you or other will not be able to given below feature
Disable Task Manager’s End Process button
Prevent to Stop Copy To
Help Stop Move to data
Facility to Stop Send To data
Prevent to  Stop Paste data 
Help us to Stop Rename file 
Help us to Stop Deleting data
Prevent to Stop Cut the data
Prevent to Stop Copying data 

How to Download and Installed and Used:-

1:- First you need to download this little application by given below download methods
2:- After downloading your File , You need to Use Winrar to extract this file
3:- Now you need to installed Prevent.exe file in to your System and Open it
4:- Now you need to set up your Hot key for Disabling this feature 
5:- Now you need to save your desired hot key and press ok 
6:- Now all is don you are ready now no any one can get your data from your hard drive
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