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Re:Monster v2.2.11 APK Mod An original novel printed about 550,000 copies has become a fantastic game!

◆Rebirth as Goblin!?
You wake up after death, you become a goblin….
The weakest Goblin will try to conquest the world!
You hunt enemy and eat them. As eating, you get stronger!

mod apk

◆Real-time Tower Defense type game
Enemies attack your team from everywhere.
You should protect the weakest Goblin with unique crews.

◆Ability will affect the course of the war
You get abilities by eating enemies and material
Combinations of crews and ability are key factor of the war.
Combined ability will great help of your battle!

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You can read free Japanese novels and comics at AlphaPolis website.


1.) god mode
2.) dmg, def, up to 10x
3.) speed up (1.5x is 3x, 3x is 6x)

1.) use menu to adjust mods, click on DOT AR to open/close menu.
2.) game is in Japanese despite the English description.

Install Steps:
1.) install modded apk, continue your enjoyment


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