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When it comes to SEO, keyword research plays a vital role. Not only it helps you increase your search traffic but also brings you more sales if done right.

Most of the bloggers struggle to increase their website organic traffic don’t do keyword research. If you are one among them, you need to start practising the habit of finding better keywords before creating content for your audience.

I know keyword research is NOT easy especially if you are new to SEO world. To make this process easier, I highly recommend you to start using keyword research tools. They will help you easily find the most profitable keywords no matter what your niche is.

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When we talk about keyword research tools, most people don’t go beyond using free tools like Keyword Planner, Keywordtool.io etc. If you spend a little money on getting paid keyword research tools, you will find even better keywords to increase your search traffic and sales.

So I came up with the idea of connecting with the top SEO bloggers in marketing industry and asked them to share their favorite 3 paid keyword research tools. There are so many tools came out. So I’ve decided to give votes to them so you can decide which tools are right for you.

First, let’s have a look at the top recommended premium keyword research tools. Then, we’ll get into the expert views on using their favorite tools to do keyword research. Let’s get started.

Here are the 3 keyword research tools which are used by top 25 SEO experts for finding their keywords.

  1. SEMrush – 21 votes (read the most detailed SEMrush review here)
  2. Long Tail Pro – 18 votes (read the unbiased review of Long Tail Pro here)
  3. Google Keyword Planner (free) – 13 votes

Let’s now have a look at what experts have to say about their most used paid keyword research tools.

Experts sharing their top 3 keyword research tools

paid keyword research tools

What are your most favorite paid keyword research tools? Mention any 3.

1. Zac Johnson: Zac Johnson

Zac JohnsonWhen it comes to keyword research, I like to use the following three tools.

  • Long Tail Pro: I started using this tool when it first came out and am also good friends with Spencer, who created the product. It’s been great to see how the product continues to grow in quality, features and makes the process of finding long tail keywords much easier.
  • SEMRush: Easy to use, lots of great stats and makes it very easy to look up your competition and see what they are ranking for and how much they are spending on Google Adwords.
  • MonitorBacklinks: While this tool isn’t as well known as the others, it’s still a great resource for looking at your competition and seeing what they rank for. In addition to looking at the competition, you will also learn more about your own backlinks, anchor texts and rankings as well.

2. Daniel Scocco: Daily Writing Tips

Daniel Scocco Here are my most favorite premium keyword research tools that I recommend everyone.

  • Google AdWords Tool
  • WordStream
  • SEMrush

3. Jane Sheeba: Jane Sheeba

Jane SheebaAs far as keyword research is concerned my top tool is SEMrush. And it is probably the only tool I use the most.

I mostly keep a tab with SEMrush open and consult it all the time. I love the detailed and extended information I can get for each query. I also get to know a lot about other sites that I follow.

So, as I said, it is the only tool I use for keyword research.

I also recommend Long Tail Pro. It’s a great piece of software and it comes handy to do keyword research. If you don’t like the recurring fee thing, LTP can be your choice. But be aware that you can make full use of LTP with the Platinum option, which has a recurring fee. But it is totally worth it.

4. Devesh Sharma: WPKube

Devesh-Sharma-wpkubeHere are the 3 keyword research tools I recommend.

  1. SEMRush
  2. BuzzSumo
  3. Keywordtool.io

5. Marko Saric: How to Make My Blog

MarkoI don’t really use any premium tools exclusively for keyword research. My approach to the content ideation process is more organic as I’ve described in the blog post here. Three of the tools that I am using in the process of getting article ideas are):

  • Google Trends – To figure out what the big trends and talking points are at the moment.
  • Quora – What questions relevant to my field people are asking.
  • Nuzzel – What people in my network read, share and talk about at the moment.

6. Sue Anne Dunlevie: Successfull Blogging

SueI recommend to my blogger clients that they use:

  1. Google Suggest
  2. KeywordTool.io
  3. Long Tail Pro

The first two are free and it’s worth the investment of $37/month for Long Tail Pro (and they have a 10-day free trial).

7. Ankit Singla: BloggerTipsTricks

ankit-singlaHere are 3 Premium Keyword Research tools I recommend:

  1. SEMrush
  2. Long Tail Pro
  3. SEOmonitor

8. Francisco Perez: iBlogZone

FransiscoI really don’t use that much tools for keyword research as I basically rely on one (Premium that is) of them.

First and foremost, my favorite is SEMRush. I have been using them for quite a while now and it is a tool that provides me with the information I need. One of the things I like most is that It helps me discover competitor’s organic and paid keywords in search. I think that the tool requires not much of an introduction. Just search for it and you’ll see.

Second tool that I still use a lot is that of Google AdWords, the AdPlanner. While it is free, it still is one of the best sources for keyword planning, specially if you are running campaigns.

And if you still want to use another, I recommend Bing’s Keyword Tool. The tool helps discover keywords being searched for on Bing with up to six months of historical search data instead of averages. It is interesting if you are also optimizing for Bing.

9. Kulwant Nagi: Blogging Cage

kulwant nagi earnings

I am big fan of Long Tail Pro, SEMRush and Ahrefs. They are the 3 top paid keyword research tools I’d recommend anyone.

10. Gaurav Jaggi: Blog with Jags

GauravThe keyword research tools that I use are:

  • Ahrefs (can’t beat it due to its new feature additions, up to date keyword research & trackings)
  • Google adwords & manual research (instant google suggestions, searches related to keyword on google, ad group ideas, and keyword planner tools come quite handy) & Competition analysis at the end!!

11. Pradeep Kumar: Editor/Founder of HellBound Bloggers

pradeep-kumar-bloggerI use plenty of tools when it comes to Keyword Research, I have been updating the majority of my search engine friendly blog posts with various trending keywords. These are the ones I commonly use:

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner: I somehow feel this is not exactly accurate because they are gaming the whole system for benefiting from Ads, but still it’s pretty good for comparing keywords and knowing the stats.
  1. Bing Keyword Research Tool: I’m also optimizing my blog for Bing search engine, by this I came across this handy tool, it’s good and it makes justice to the name.
  1. Moz/Ahrefs/LongTailPro: These 3 tools are randomly used by me, few months back I purchased the premium versions of these for a client, they are good and I mostly use these to spy on the Keyword Research done by our competitors. Honestly not willing to do the spy work, but client’s request. Good learning process it is!

12. Anand Khanse: The Windows Club

AnandI am not much into using such tools, but here are my two bits:

Although most of the times I chose to depend on the Google Search drop-down suggestions and Related search terms, if one is looking for a paid premium Keyword Research Tool, I would recommend the following 3, in no particular order:

MOZ Keyword Analysis Tool. MOZ arguably offers the best set of SEO tools and its Keyword Analysis Tool ranks high in my opinion. The tool also shows you its monthly search volumes.

SEMRush. The best part about this tool is that it also lets you see, which keywords your competitor sites are ranking for. This can give you insights into why your competitors posts may be ranking higher.

Advanced Web Ranking Desktop Tool. This is a desktop application which many will find convenient to use.

Using such keyword tools are not the end it itself, and will not guarantee success. One has to be judicious and use one’s judgement. You may get a huge list of key phrases, but you will have to decide and focus on 2 or 3 at most. I would also like to mention that small or newer blogs should focus on Long Tail keywords, as competition may be relatively less here, and if you were to rank for any key phrase, it could bring you tons of organic traffic.

But spending too much time on keyword research may actually put you down the wrong path and you may find yourself spending more time there, at the cost of focusing on the content.

Content only may not be the King now. But quality content coupled with basic SEO sure rules! So focus on generating quality posts consistently and sprinkle them with the just right amount of keywords, in the same way as you would sprinkle just the right amount of salt in your food, to give it the perfect taste.

It is not important which tool you use; what matters is how you use it!

13. Iftekhar Ahmed: Ifti SEO

IftekharKeyword research have always been the most interesting part of blogging and can be done in a number of ways !! Some people prefer using free tools, some people go for paid tools while some just stick with their manual work.

Well, here’s what I usually prefer to use. Let me list them first.

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Semrush
  4. Manual googling and looking around myself.

Keyword Planner is something I start with !! It simply gives all the data needed ( the number of searches, etc). Though never finalize the keyword by just using this, there are many more steps further. I haven’t mentioned Long tail pro here since I feel its not very much required and even I don’t use it much. I just open it whenever I go for finding amazon or product based keywords.

Google Manual search is what I recommend to perform next, It helps us to look for the “TYPE” of sites ranking on Page 1, 2 and 3. The type of sites ranking very well helps to determine whether the keyword is possible to rank easily or whether it may take some extra effort to push my blog up for that keyword.

Ahrefs and SEMrush. This is which I recommend to all. Its really good to have a look on the stats of the pages ranking for the keyword. Moreover “Ahrefs Positions Explorer” really helps to know about the traffic the ranked page gets and in the same time it helps us to gather some more related keywords. Same is with semrush.

And for me these 3-4 things are well enough to find a money making keyword.

14. Atish Ranjan: Tech Tricks World

atishStraight to the point, I use basically 1 premium tool and 1 free tool for keyword research. The premium tool is Long Tail Pro, and free tool is Google Keyword Planner.

To be exact, I work with LTP every day, and it is well enough for me. Thus, I am not using any other premium tools. LTP combines the features of Google Keyword Planner and MOZ to deliver various keyword data into a single dashboard.

I use it because in a single Dashboard I get all the things that are needed for keyword research such as Local and Global search volume of keywords, Their PPC, keyword suggestions and most importantly the Keyword Competitiveness (KC). It offers even more features that you can see in below screenshot that makes this tool stand out of the crowd of various keyword research tools.

Long Tail Pro Features

I love the feature KC because it enables me to know which keywords are easy to rank, and which are difficult. It saves me from putting efforts on the keywords that are very hard to rank. Better, I put my efforts on the keywords that have low or medium competition which I get to know by calculating KC of each of them.

This surely improved the way I used to research keywords in the Beginning. Apart from this, I used SEMRush keyword tool a few times on my client’s PC. It is also an excellent tool. But, I am more comfortable using LTP.

15. Nirmala Santhakumar: My Magic Fundas

nirmala-santhaKumarDoing Keyword Research is one of the best blogging strategies to understand what our visitors are looking for. It is an important part of SEO that would help us to craft the content for our target audience.

To grab the most searched keywords related to my niche, I always use and recommend the “Long Tail Pro Platinum” version to gather the profitable keywords. I’m using this effective keyword research tool since last year and driving good organic traffic for my blogs.

Right now, I’m using the 14 days trial account of SemRush. As this advanced tool can provide the helpful data, it is more likely to beat the competitors through keyword research.

I don’t use any 3rd tool, but I have heard that the BuzzSumo and Moz’s keyword analysis tool are pretty good to perform the keyword research.

16. Matthew Allen: Dumb Passive Income

MatthewSure. I’ll do it in 140 characters or less!

1.) Long 2.) Tail 3.) Pro #LongTailPro The ONLY keyword research tool I use.

17. Akshay R: Go Blogging Tips

AkshayHere are the 3 paid tools I use for keyword research.

  1. SEMrush: This is the best tool that any of the internet marketer should use for their keyword research. Recently, this tool extended its database of keywords, making it a clear winner in terms of competitive keyword research. I can’t imagine a good blogging strategy without this tool.

I research the competitor post related to a post on my blog in SEMrush. I explore new keywords and optimize for them on my post. I get additional search traffic from this strategy.

  1. LongTailPro Platinum: It is the best tool to analyze and brainstorm related keywords and to accurately determine whether you can rank for them. Keyword competitiveness is the best feature here.
  1. TermExplorer: I think this is one of the least heard tool. As of now, this is a free tool (may soon be premium). It has keyword and URL analyzer. It has also a bulk keyword tool.

You can create projects. It displays the search volume, CPC, difficulty, relevance, and other important data of the keywords. I bet this keyword tool would be popular shortly.

Apart from these tools, I use the below resources and sites to find keyword ideas.

  • Feedly
  • BuzzSumo
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword planner
  • Pocket recommendations
  • AllTop
  • Quora
  • Forums
  • Google console search impressions (killer)

18. Deepanker Verma: Techlo Media

DeepankerI use and recommend these keyword research tools:

  1. Google Keyword planner
  2. SEMrush
  3. Longtail Pro

19. Jyoti Chauhan: Update Land

jyothi-chauhanWe all know very well the importance of keyword research. If you really want to drive search engine traffic to your blog, never take keyword research lightly. I have made this mistake in my starting blogging journey.

I use only one premium tool to keyword research, named “SEMrush”. I never try any other keyword research tool after finding SEMrush. It helps me to spy on my competitors like what they are targeting, from which keyword they are getting most traffic etc.

SEMrush is a powerful tool for all internet markets. I must say it is must have SEO tool for everyone who has involved in internet marketing.

20. Johnny FD: Johnny Fd

JohnnyEven though I get a TON of organic search traffic on my blog JohnnyFD.com I don’t use any keyword research tools. I only write about things I think people should be interested in or that are interesting to me.

By the time there is a lot of search volume for a subject, usually there is also a ton of content already out there.

If you want, you can use Google Adword’s Keyword Tool to get an idea of what people search for.

But personally, I just write about topics that I enjoy and hope that others will eventually find it useful as well. This is how I stand AHEAD of the trends.

21. Dave Schneider: Ninja Outreach

DaveThe three keyword research tools I recommend are:

  1. LongTailPro
  2. AuthorityMetrics
  3. SEMRush

22. Adam Connell: UK Linkology

adamHere are the 3 paid tools I highly recommend for doing keyword research.

  • SEMrush – While you can use this tool for straight up research, it’s especially effective when you use it to search for the keywords your competitors are ranking for. It’s more of an all-in-one SEO tool now as it does site auditing, rank tracking, social monitoring and has other helpful features.
  • Long Tail Pro – This tool taps into Google’s Keyword Planner. For some reason, I prefer the interface within this tool to Google’s.
  • BuzzSumo – While this isn’t exactly a typical keyword research tool, I like to factor topic popularity into my keyword research. Using this in the topic selection process could give your content the boost it needs to put it in front of people who may want to link to it or share it with their audience.

23. Sanu Siddharth: Only Loudest

sanu-siddharthI recommend the following 3 tools:

  1. SEMRush
  2. Google Keyword Planner
  3. LongTail Pro

And one more best tool is also available in market but now going to try it soon and latest version is really very awesome its popular by name ‘Keyword canine 3.0’ .

24. Imran Uddin: All Tech Buzz

imran-uddinI personally use and recommend SEMrush to everyone.

Along with it you can also try Similarweb and keywordtool.io

25. Jitendra Vaswani: BloggersIdeas

jitendra vaswani earningsThere are tons of tools available in market but I prefer  to use these tools.

3 Premiums tools I used  for keyword research are:

  • Keyword Planner:  One of the best & awesome tools I use.
  • Longtail Pro:  Tool good for  finding niche site keywords
  • SEMRush: One of  the best keyword research tools after Keyword planner

GetAmasuite: One of the finest tools  for amazon niche. I am using it & it  is helping me to find best keywords to work  for Amazon niche.

26. Karthikeyan K: W3lessons

karthikeyan-kBelow are my fav premium keyword research tools:

  • SEMRUSH: Most popular and easy to use keyword research tool in the industry. It acts more than a keyword researching tool. Ability to add competitor and show us all the keywords that site is ranking for. We can also get the data like site auditing, keyword difficulty scores, estimated traffic etc
  • SpyFu: I suggest to have paid account on SpyFu. I just need to find my competitors who using Adwords and review them using this tool. It will show me what ads and keywords they are using. Note that my competitor who paid for that particular keyword knows exactly that it is important for his business including recent trends. Also using SEO feature you can input any URL and find our which keywords they are ranking for.
  • Long Tail Pro: I really like this tool because it’s best for competitor analysis, and the ability to check for keyword title competition. This goes deeper than just listing the total search results, allowing you to see how many people have specifically targeted your keyword.

27. Deepak Kanakaraju: DigitalDeepak

DeepakI recommend Long Tail Pro Platinum Edition, KeywordTool.io and HitTail.com

28. Anil Agarwal: BloggersPassion

indian blogs you must readLast but not least, here are the 3 paid keyword research tools I use.

  • Long Tail Pro: I personally use this tool and it is one of the amazing tools for finding great keywords quickly. Click here to try their 7 days free trial.
  • SEMrush: I’ve been using this for a long time, not only it helped me increase my traffic but I usually dig a lot of information about other sites. Click here to try their 30 day free trial.
  • Moz tools: Moz tools give you access to finding better keywords as well as to compete with your toughest competitors.

Final thoughts about premium keyword research tools

Perhaps the ONLY quickest way to increase your traffic from Google is keyword research. If you are not finding and using the right keywords in your content, you will NEVER see any traffic growth. It’s as simple as that.

Using paid keyword research tools can help you quickly grow your traffic by finding the most valuable keywords. If experts are using few tools, then you should definitely consider giving them a try. Most of the premium keyword research tools like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro give you free trials.

So I highly recommend you to first give them a try and if you are satisfied with their results, then purchase them to find better keywords in your niche.

So what are your thoughts? Do let me know about most favorite paid keyword research tools in the comments section.

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