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Game Features:
* Outstanding NEXT-GENERATION graphics.
* Revolutionary 300-player RAIDS!
* IMMERSIVE campaign and EPIC story.
* Best in class PVP experience. 
* Control all the action in REAL-TIME!
* NO TROOP TRAINING – get straight into the fight!
* FREE Download.

mod apk
1. You can move multiple buildings quickly in a few taps.
2. There are multiple “heroes” call Ancient that can be upgraded like RPG game with items collect during the war
3. There is an option to battle in “Kingdom” with fellow allies
4. Able to fast forward during a battle
5. No need to wait for troops to be trained to attack next battle
6. Tournament for individual PVP battle
7. The graphics looks stunning
1. Obvious “speed up for free” subconscious training people to use the diamonds more often.
2. The artificial intelligence sometimes is a little bit weird, e.g. drag & drop highlighted a building as nearest to attack but sometimes it will attack another building instead.
3. One of the ancient is not a deployable hero? Not sure…that will be pretty boring haha.
4. Builders cost too much diamonds?
5. The small lag after a battle win to show the celebratory shouts by troops can probably be eliminated.
Overall, this game is very playable and can be interesting what the developer can improve next.

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Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
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Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin What’s New: v

Major improvements to Ancients & Arena are coming soon!
– ALL types of Primus can now be used on ALL Ancients!
– Use Ascension Materials to increase Ancients’ rarities and feel a massive power boost.
– Arena Seasons – brand new monthly Arena leaderboards for intense competition and exclusive prizes.
– Arena Chest improvements – get better loot from having higher honor, including powerful Ancients!
– Ancient Trials – New, long-term projects for mastering Ancients.
Unlimited Mana