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Rocketfella l Version: 1.075 | Size: 22.86MB Developers: chilly durango | Language: English

Use the force of your jetpack to smash through platforms, roasting goons as you go! Keep an eye out for a safe place to land to re-fuel your jetpack. Take a hit and your jetpack becomes less reliable – collect canisters to repair it. The higher you get, the greater the resistance – giant drills, snipers, and other jetpack-powered goons await you the higher you climb.
“Rocketfella is off doing its own thing with a big emphasis on crazy jetpack fueled antics over gunplay and a more integral element to its environmental destruction mechanics … Keep an eye out for this one.” – Super Game Droid
This is a demo version which represents a ‘soft-launch’ of the game in order to test access to Google Play and various other systems, and is not to be viewed as a finished product.

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