Ships of Fury Mod (Unlimited Money)

Ships of Fury

Ships of Fury l Version: 1.4 | Size: 47.19MB Developers: J Victory | Language: English

Sail the seas, discover new lands and prove your worth as a voyager! Gather your heroes and ships and tear your enemy a new hole! Challenge and defeat foes and giant monsters that stand in your way, and conquer the waters!
Choose from over 30 heroes with 3 attack modes, each with their own strengths and explosive ultimates. How you defeat the enemy is entirely up to your hero setup. Upfront shots, accurate lobs or timed detonation, there’s a hero for each playstyle!
Find, build and customize your own warships from a variety of parts. Beef up your ship so it can withstand a thunderstorm!
Blow giant sea monsters into oblivion, join in the piracy with Expeditions and Isle Conquests, and show the world that you’re the best at smashing ships! It’s more than just pulling and releasing your shots, you’ve got to have aim too! Pit your heroes and ships against other players, and test your skills and strategy!
Ships of Fury
Ships of Fury
Ships of Fury

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