Skypr the adsblocker for Skype full 2015

How to remove or Disable Skype ads from Skype software in windows
Skype ads Remover latest full version for Windows 100% working

Hi every one how are you ? Today i want to share a post on very nice software , I know that you are all the user of Skype , Me also, But We are so afraid with Skype ads that are running at the back ground in the shape of video or Banner ads , Some time these ads not good for living family because some time shown porn graph ads , So if you want to save your PC or Skype from these Un wanted Ads or Advertisement then you need to download Skypr the ad blocker for Skype it is a full version that are released in 2015 , That have no need to activation of any key , Just you need to download and Patch your Skype , With the help of this you can remove all the ads that are shown on Skype full version software, am also using this software , I have also a Manually configuration of Skype ads blocker trick , If you need then visit this page, 
For more about Skyper ads blocker what is this?
I am a frequent Skype user and I am getting really tired of those ads and flickering images. So I decided to dig into this ‘issue and write or develop as something like software that will block Skype ads. So if you want to know that.
How does it work?
It is very simple and nice software that are no specially function just i well simply explained:
Skypr will block system access to the advertisement server of Skype.
Skypr will patch every Skype user config available.
Skypr will lock every config, so Skype cannot overwrite it.
So if you are confuse that there are any limitations?
So i want to tell you that there is no, any kinds of limitation is working means everything works as normal. You still have a fully functional Skype, even premium users or subscribers. This tool will cause no issues.

Screenshot of Skype ads Blocker Skypr full version:-

Free full version Skype Ads Blocker for Windows latest skype software
free download Skypr full version for Ads Blocker latest version Plus

How to disable skype ads in Windows 10 free
Download Skypr v1 for Ads Blocker on Skype latest freeware
Free latest version of Skype ads Blocker for Windows
How to Enable and Disable Skype ads from Skype ad Remover Software

Feature of Skypr Ads Blocker freeware:-

1:- It allow us to Patch Skype within a few seconds.
2:- If you want to show ads then click on Restore anytime you want.
3:- Completely removes all ads, including the frames. So no white empty blocks.
4:- Does not fuck up your hosts file, Skypr wont even touch it!
5:- Skypr is not harmful for your account, it only changes your local system.
6:- And also this tool has been tested on Windows 8.1, 
7:- And also it should work on Windows Vista and higher, 
8:- I have also try on Windows 10 Pro latest version 
9:- Before Using this please This tool must be ran as Administrator.

How to download and Use it :-

1:- First of all fallow the give below method and download this program
2:- Now extract with Winrar or Other universal extractor software
3:- Now Run as administrator and then click on Patch , If you want to restore then click on Restore 
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