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¦In Slingshot Braves you can play real-time with someone right next to you or users across the country and have fun together!
¦You and your partner each select 2 characters, so you fight with a total of 4 characters!
¦There are rare items you can only get in Multiplayer Mode!
? Upgrade your armor and weapons and make your characters even stronger!
¦Choose your basic armor and collect the items you need to upgrade!
¦When upgrading, use your finger to shake the materials in a bottle in order to increase your chances for an upgrade bonus! Your Equipment EXP and Levels will raise even faster!
¦Unnecessary armor and weapons can be dismantled and used as material to upgrade other equipment!


Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 1.1.31
Download Links:
Install APK and play.


High Damage