Space Bank Rush Mod (Unlimited Money)

Space Bank Rush

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Space Bank Rush l Version: 1.0.4 | Size: 58.3MB
 Developers: Kids Train games | Language: English

Are you one of adventure seekers, who proudly call Space Rangers. Entire universe is opened before you, but your Space Odyssey had just begun. You do not have a spaceship now, but you have got headhunter “kill license”. It remains only to earn the required amount to buy combat corvette and plunge into an exciting space shooter. But how can a Space Ranger to make start-up capital without a ship?
You are lucky! There are many active pirates, for which the bank robbery usual thing In your galaxy sector. Monsters and robbers rushed to the space station, an endless stream. And local branches of the orbital acute needs skilled security officer. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in a space shooter and hone your fighting skills now. You need to prevent a bank rush at all costs. But the security officer should not kill everybody! At the station visited by not only monsters and burglars! common citizens with money fill free to come here . Be careful not to miss out and kill free profitable customers instead of the space pirates.
A bank rush – it’s not tricky. Teleportation chambers allow to get to the space station to anyone and anywhere. They are used by and everyone: free citizens, robbers and monsters. Venture a room in teleportation, take a big gun and stop the invasion. Also, this dynamic space shooter has its own specials. Some thieves are so powerful that pierce their defense impossible. Throw off their waste heat, let them be splashed by steel gears! When unimaginable cosmic monsters will come throw the teleport – send them back into the space vacuum. A bank robbery with your help will not happen!
Brothers, Free Space Rangers are waiting for you for a long time. And your Space Odyssey begins today! Free shooter Space Bank Rush – it’s your game!
Space Bank Rush
Space Bank Rush
Space Bank Rush

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