Sword Kensin Th v1.17.2.1202 APK Mod

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    Sword Kensin Th

Sword Kensin Th v1.17.2.1202 APK Mod (Det Siew Yee BAH) river and lake. Unity 3D reconstruction of allies and enemies with martial arts on mobile. No hardcore Understand the world’s martial arts To come with a partner to share the world’s rivers and lakes or courage. To gather a martial art that you have selected. Hardcore To Fight generation of heroes. Most of life Hammers experience to pour the meat with the blood of the real fight. The Dream of martial arts, with more than 400 million mobile phones.

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The game features 5
Represents the most realistic martial arts in the world. The optimization of customer There is much more energy efficient, very smoothly! Be sure that players experience the feeling smoother enjoy art battles, hardcore.

【10 Steps of art, killed no one hardcore】.
Experience the intense beauty of martial arts experience. No Hardcore actually hammers, knives Meat with battle experience bleeding unimpeded Employment arms available technology Gun Blade Heart technical superiority of learning to blend their skills independently with the characters of. culture Will have more freedom Strengthen the facilities and equipment to provide you with a more powerful crits.

[Spam supplied with hatred].
Place with a lake and a river, a lake with Spam! Sword Spam with thousands of rivers and lakes. To build up your own martial arts game also 3V3 gang warfare and multiplayer modes. Meeting the needs of the players in PVP.

[Information hundred concurrent users During a screen]
The game supports hundreds of people fighting the same screen. That experience while ensuring that images Smoothly cross action also enables you to suffer greater strength really grateful mountain Huashan to compete against a world combat sectarian countless.

[Hike Showdown gang] people
The joining together of the Brothers to the stage. And the martial art of creating their own cause more exclusivity. The gameplay is unique. Awards and sects So that you and your friends can keep up the challenge level.

Hurry and join the martial arts is not hardcore! Touch the martial arts masterpiece. Very juicy!

เดชเซียวฮื่อยี้ mobile
เดชเซียวฮื่อยี้ mobile
เดชเซียวฮื่อยี้ mobile
เดชเซียวฮื่อยี้ mobile
เดชเซียวฮื่อยี้ mobile
เดชเซียวฮื่อยี้ mobile

1.) massive player hp (music off)
2.) massive attributes (defense, dodge, resistance, etc) (sound off)
3.) normal atk

Install Steps:
1.) install mod
2.) play


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