Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine Mod (Unlimited Money)

Tap Galaxy - Deep Space Mine

Tap Galaxy - Deep Space Mine l Version: 1.0 | Size: 29.2MB Developers: Tiny Games Srl | Language: English

TAP GALAXY is a space mining incremental clicker game, where you mine exotic planets, moons, asteroids and comets for resources that help you colonize galaxies and build your Galactic Empire.
The game starts in a small, moon-like planet, where you can collect resources by tapping on it, and then reinvest your income in new miners, machines and boosts. That’s just the beginning. With the help of your fellow Space Chimp, you can explore your Galaxy searching for new resources to mine; in order to do that, you have to buy space probes, level them up and reach for the farthest places in the Universe. Space Chimp also works for you when you are offline, mining more resources.
And more has to come! Wormholes will let you move from Galaxy to Galaxy, where you will find new awesome planets and richer moons!
Start mining now to make your Main Colony become bigger and bigger… and never stop!
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Tap Galaxy - Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy - Deep Space Mine
Tap Galaxy - Deep Space Mine

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