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Sadie - E. L. Todd

Sadie by E. L. Todd

This full-length, 70K novel is the first in a series about the alpha males, the first one being Ethan, but it has a happily ever after for him and Sadie, the object of his obsession. Don’t worry kids, there’s no cliffhanger, so read on and enjoy!


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“Be my first last.”


A beautiful girl with a selfless heart, Sadie Montague enjoys her time alone, reading in her apartment or working in the bookstore her father owns. Male attention is something she never expected, nor did she think she deserved it. When she finally goes out on the town with her girlfriends, she’s immediately taken with Ethan. She is drawn to him as he stares at her with a hungry expression. She isn’t the kind of girl he thinks she is and she tells him that repeatedly. It doesn’t make a difference. She already belongs to him. She never had a choice.


Monogamy isn’t on his list of exciting hobbies. On the town with a different girl every night, getting laid is always on his mind. When he meets Sadie, he completely changes. Her beauty and intelligent mind immediately capture him. He possesses her and controls her, but his usual dominance only pushes her away. Her sassy wit and strong attitude makes him step back. If he wants to keep her, he has to play this out in a different way. A successful business man and self-proclaimed bachelor, his life is turned upside down. Sadie will be his one way or another. She just needs to deal with it.

Will Sadie tame this alpha male or will she let him dominate her?

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Elisa - E. L. Todd

Elisa by E. L. Todd

“Be mine. That’s all I ever asked for.”


Ethan’s younger sister is a widow with two young children. Her exceptional beauty and charm immediately draws Jared in. Even though her husband has been dead for three years, it’s difficult for her to let Jared in. Her body wants him, needs him, but she can’t overcome the guilt she has. She pushes him away until finally agreeing to give him a chance. A chance for her heart to love another with everything it has. She’s been traumatized since her husband’s violent death, and Jared’s protection and possessiveness is exactly what she needs to feel whole, to move on.

He’s never been in love, always just rode the wave of life as it took him from place to place. He’s had a few relationships, a couple sessions of casual sex with the same women, and countless one night stands, but when he sees Elisa, the most beautiful woman in the world, his heart feels alien things. He’s not only fond of her tantalizing looks, but her pure heart and tender soul. His love was evident the moment he saw her, beating from his heart with an intensity greater than any he has ever known. He has to have her. His obsession grows with every conversation and every touch. He falls in love with her kids as much as he falls in love with her, but he fears she will never feel the same. He’ll always have to settle for part of her heart, never the whole thing. He protects her and loves her, chasing away her nightmares, but will she break his heart? His love for her is as solid as concrete, but a gentle stroke from her could send it crumbling down.

Will Elisa finally be Jared’s, to be possessed and loved as much as he wants?

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Free Download Elisa – E. L. Todd EPUB EBook [Solidfiles]

Layla - E. L. Todd

Layla by E. L. Todd

“It isn’t a choice. You will be mine.”


Layla had her heart broken too many times. After dating a bad guy then losing Jared to Elisa, she’s done with men. She realizes she doesn’t need a man in her life and chooses to keep it that way. She decides to leave the bartending job she has and pursue her dream, working as a writer for a fashion magazine. When she meets Kyle on a late night, she blows him off like all the rest. The only problem is, he won’t let her. As much as she tries to ignore the attraction and connection she feels for him, it’s still there. Before she knows it, she’s claimed by him. But she’s not sure if she wants to be…


Kyle isn’t much different than his brother, Ethan. He’s been around the block many times and doesn’t plan on changing his mind. But when he meets Layla at the bar, he isn’t only attracted to her, but amazed by her. After Layla beats up a guy for talking to her the wrong way, Kyle is infatuated. Her strong personality and no bullshit attitude immediately suck him in. He’s never met someone who was as much of an alpha as he. He pursues her despite her rejections, knowing he has to tame her.

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Free Download Layla – E. L. Todd EPUB EBook [Solidfiles]

Janet - E. L. Todd

Janet by E. L. Todd

“You are mine. Deal with it.”


A woman devoted to her career and her independence, Janet is self-sufficient and doesn’t need a man in her life. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want one. Every guy she dates is trash and doesn’t make her heart beat. She begins to question herself. What’s wrong with her? But then she runs into Scott. Her attraction bubbles to the surface but she pushes it away. There’s no way someone like him, a beautiful and successful Benedict, would be interested in her. She couldn’t be more wrong…


Scott immediately pursues Janet the moment he sees her and doesn’t let up. His only problem is his possessiveness and controlling nature. He wants her to belong to him, to be his exclusively. But Janet isn’t having it. After slamming the door in his face twice, and walking out on him at dinner, he realizes he has to back down and give her what she wants. If not, he’ll lose her. The longer they are together, the more crazed he becomes. He needs Janet to accept her fate. She’s his. She’s always been his.

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Free Download Janet – E. L. Todd EPUB EBook [Solidfiles]

Cassie - E. L. Todd

Cassie by E. L. Todd

“Forever isn’t long enough. It’ll never be long enough.”


Working as a fashion designer, Cassie has everything she needs. But after her last boyfriend cheated on her, she’s given up on love. After having another horrible date where the guy discusses his obsession with bowling balls, she runs into Tony at a bar, only to discover he’s her best friend’s brother. Chemistry is ignited and desire follows directly afterwards. But she needs to tell her best friend the truth. Only Tony is hesitant to reveal their secret. Cassie notices his obvious wealth and connections, and she wonders if that has anything to do with his secrecy.


When Tony meets Cassie, he’s immediately smitten. After dealing with girls that have only wanted him for his money, he’s relieved to find someone that is nothing like that. But his innocent feelings become deeper and stronger. His love and adoration for her grows until the point of obsession. When Cassie loses her job at her magazine, he immediately takes care of her, wanting to solve all her problems. But Cassie is resistant. She’ll do whatever she can to prove her loyalty to him. But Tony isn’t having it. And when his sister disapproves of their relationship, it changes nothing. He’ll stop at nothing to keep her forever. Even if she doesn’t agree.

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Free Download Cassie – E. L. Todd EPUB EBook [Solidfiles]

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