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About This Game
The Time Window…

An incredible invention, developed over decades in secret, empowers humans to make their grandest dream a reality…

To travel through time!

At a hidden research facility, Rose and Kyo – the Time Tenshi (Time Angels) – voyage into the past in secret under the watchful eye of Tensai Shiro, the mastermind behind the Time Window, and Michelle, the base’s Commander and Operations Manager.

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Since time travel is still dangerous and experimental, the Time Window has yet to be tested on male subjects, meaning only females can safely venture back into history. They seem to undergo some surprising changes to their bodies in certain areas while doing so…

But a sinister organisation called Chrontek found a way to hack into Shiro’s machine, and now Chrontek is pursuing its own devious plans for the flow of time…

Can time travel be entrusted to humans?

What happens when the Time Window goes wrong?

And can the Time Tenshi stop the girls of Chrontek… before history is changed forever?

— — —

Time Tenshi is an exciting anime/ecchi visual novel! As the player’s character enters Tensai Shiro’s lab facility and follows the Time Tenshi in their journeys through time, a plot full of futuristic action, ecchi, humour and plenty of fanservice will unfold!

System Requirements
Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

        OS: Windows XP or above
        Processor: Pentium 4 or above
        Memory: 1 GB RAM
        Graphics: 1280×720
        DirectX: Version 10
        Hard Drive: 250 MB available space

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