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? City-building gameplay set in medieval times
? Cute inhabitants with their own daily routines
? Complex economy sim and deep production chains
? Dozens of different town and production buildings
? Optional military feature with soldiers and bandits
? Diverse scenarios and challenging tasks
? Unrestricted sandbox gameplay mode
? Full tablet support
? Supports Google Play game services.

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Requires Android: 2.3.3 and Up
Version: 1.6.4
Download Links:
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Townsmen Premium MOD APK What’s New: 1.6.4

Fixed crashes on Intel devices and minor bugfixes
Raiding bandits can now rob resources, lay fire or demolish buildings in your town!
Choose to play friendly or with bandits on any sandbox map
Build guard towers and barracks to protect your town
Completely reworked context menu of buildings (with lots of information)
7 new scenarios: a military tutorial, 3 military scenarios & 3 non military scenarios
Find your villagers with “Follow my Townie” mode!
Unlimited Fast Forward
Ads Removed
Double Xp Enabled
Unlimited Prestige