Trap Them – Sniper Edition free Downloaf full PC Game+CD Key

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About This Game

Trap Them – Sniper Edition is a puzzle shooter alternative to Trap Them with new caves to explore. Equipped with a sniper rifle and a remote-controlled crystal collector you take the role of a sniper. Avoid getting caught by the RoboTTech robots. Be smart about shooting down the environment to shape it to your needs and guide the crystal collector safely through the caves.

– smooth 60fps and clockwork perfect game mechanics
– deliberately designed for keyboard + mouse input

– innovative block physics
– wide variety of challenges (puzzle, action, mixed)
– multiple solutions rewarding player’s creativity
– extremely challenging puzzles in the later stages of the game
– 90+ caves to explore   
System Requirements

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        OS: WindowsXP
        Graphics: DirectX9 GPU
        DirectX: Version 9.0c
        Hard Drive: 150 MB available space Them - Sniper Edition free Downloaf full PC Game+CD Key