Tropic Empire v0.12.0 APK Mod

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Tropic Empire v0.12.0 APK Mod Build, explore and tap tap tap! Do it all in this unique idle builder game with a fantastic evolving storyline. Fun and interesting characters combined with idle tycoon gameplay! Join Iffy, Jenny, Captain Worraps and the other survivors on their adventure now!

๐Ÿš Unlock, build and upgrade buildings
๐ŸŸ Get idle resources even when youโ€™re not playing
๐Ÿ•บ Find and level up survivors to boost production
๐Ÿ’ Beautiful 3D graphics
โš™ Automate & optimize production
๐Ÿ—บ Explore new islands
๐Ÿ† Complete missions
๐ŸŽ Collect chests
๐ŸŒด Get Tropical!
๐Ÿ’ฐ Get Rich!
โ›ต Escape!

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After waking up on the desert island โ€“ lost and completely alone โ€“ with nothing but a talking seagull as company, Irvine โ€Iffyโ€ Wisegust has only one choice โ€“ survival. Help him survive in style and become the richest survivor on the planet by gathering different resources. Even when not playing. Use the resources to build lumber mills, watchtowers, harbors, quarries, huts and more. Upgrade them for bigger profits!

Search for other survivors to help you build an even bigger empire. Level up the survivors, explore the island and travel to other areas to unlock and max out everything! Discover the epic story behind each survivor and what caused the tragic plane crash in a fun builder type idle adventure tycoon game you have never seen before!

โญ Join Iffy & his friends on this amazing idle builder adventure now! โญ


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Tropic Empire
Tropic Empire
Tropic Empire
Tropic Empire
Tropic Empire



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