Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise ISO + Serial Keys full version

latest free version of Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition with key full version
Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition with key full version

Hi Friend to day download Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Edition 2015 in iso file including serial key or activation code. MS Visual Studio 2015 are checked on Windows 10 Enterprise edition and working perfect, This tool Provide facility to the Software Engineer to develop Windows , Linux , MAC OSX , Android Mobile and Other Operating System Platform application development.

More Detail and Screenshot of Visual Studio 2015:-

With the help of Visual Studio 2015 you can make your own application or software, So it’s depend on you which platform are you selected for running these apps like Windows, Linux , MAC or other Mobile Operating System.It is very nice and amazing Software and application developing kit or Suite , It have not required any special course or and special language.

Ms Visual Studio Program developer software for windows
Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Professional edition with key full version

You have just little experience to writing code for completing your function just , Because if you want to add some user interface data then it have large number of stranded tools that are use drag and drop. Withe the help of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 full version you can also develop web base application and also you can create or make your own website ,

How to make my own software with the help of visual studio 2013 and2015
Download  free latest MS Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition with key full version

It have some build server that will provide you a virtual server platform with help you can Run your Website or any web base application on your Computer , It is the best tools for MSCE,MS IT , BS IT , BSCSE Student who are want to like Programming and want to make your own program. Or if you have take a project on different language like C#, C++, Java , HTML, ASP.NET or PHP and want to make any kinds then you will be a good place this tools will also provide any things as you want to add in your projects ,

mod apk
Android Emulator latest version for MS Visual Studio 2015
There are many collection of Windows and Android Mobile Emulator for running application

I have also use this tool for my Project on online Advertisement Agency and now am going to complete my project with the help of this tools. If you are interested to make android application and want to be run on your Mobile then it will also provide you facility to developer any android application and run it on this software because it is also consist on own Android application player or Emulator , It is perfect tools for developer and Software Engineer and also for those who want to make fun with any person to show that He/She also write or make a program 😀 ,So if you are ready for developing and want to be show the entire coding of any program or web page the you can use this tool.

How to make Windows and Android application in MS Visual studio 2015
Download latest themes and template of Visual Studio full version for Windows

It is very amazing and help full for every one , It is also provide us facility to import and export any project in you have make on an other development tools or studio,If you want to getting live support then it is also provide this facility. So, Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise and Professional edition with working key is an integrated and best solution for developing any kinds of software , debugging software code and web page code , and deploying all kinds of applications with stranded tools kit.

What is different Between MS Visual Studio Proffessional Vs Enterprise Edition
What is Diffent Between Microsoft Visual Studio community , Professional and Enterprise Edition full Comparison

It takes up several gigabytes space from your hard driver and the costs of MS Visual Studio is  $5799, But you can try it free for 30 days trail period after that you will be purchase this software full version key from developing website or from Microsoft .So Today I came with serials for the professional and Enterprise edition full version of Visual Studio. 🙂

Tools and Feature of MS VS Enterprise 2015 with keygen:-

1:- Easy to use not need any expertise on any language
2:- Working fine on Windows 10 Enterprise
3:- Many kinds of builtin option
4:- Support any kinds of Computer and Web development language
5:- Import and export project on different developer tools
6:- Easy to use and very attractive user interface with different template and themes
7:- Large number of collection of tools that are support this version of Visual studio
1.  Debugging and Diagnostics
  • IntelliTrace in Production
  • IntelliTrace (Historical Debugging) 
  • IntelliTrace Performance Indicators
  • Code Metrics
  • .NET Memory Dump Analysis
  • Graphics Debugging
  • Advanced Web Debugging (Page Inspector)
  • Browser Link
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Code Map Debugger Integration
  • Debugger
  • Performance and Diagnostics Hub
  • Windows Simulator
  • Windows Phone Emulator
  • Visual Studio Emulator for Android
2.  Testing Tools
  • Web Load & Performance Testing 
  • IntelliTest 
  • Microsoft Fakes (Unit Test Isolation) 
  • Code Coverage 
  • Coded UI Testing 
  • Manual Testing 
  • Exploratory Testing 
  • Test Case Management 
  • Fast-forward for Manual Testing 
  • Extensible Testing Framework 
  • Unit Testing 
2.  Integrated Development Environment 
  • Code Lens 
  • Peek Definition 
  • Code Clone 
  • Refactoring 
  • One-Click Web Deployment 
  • Extensible Environment 
  • Model Resource Viewer 
  • Multi-Targeting
  • Blend
  • JavaScript and jQuery Support 
  • Project & Solution Compatibility with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and Visual Studio 2012 or 2013
4.  Development Platform Support 
  • Windows Desktop 
  • Windows Phone and Store Apps 
  • Universal Windows Apps 
  • Web (ASP.NET) 
  • Office 365, Office, and SharePoint 
  • Office 365 Cloud Business Apps 
  • Business Applications (Light Switch)  
  • Cloud (Microsoft Azure) 
  • SQL Server (SSDT) 
  • Apache Cordova
  • C++ Cross-Platform Library Development 
  • Python 
  • Node.js  
5.  Architecture and Modeling 
  • Architectural Layer Diagrams
  • Architecture Validation
  • UML® 2.0 Compliant Diagrams (Activity, Use Case, Sequence, Class, and Component)
  • Visualize solutions with Dependency Graphs and Code Maps
6.  Lab Management 
  • Virtual environment setup & tear down 
  • Provision environment from template 
  • Checkpoint environment 
7.  Team Foundation Server 
  • Web-based Test Execution 
  • Web-based Test Case Management 
  • Agile Portfolio Management 
  • Team (Chat) Rooms 
  • Work Item Charting 
  • Request and Manage Feedback 
  • Release Management 
  • Backlog Management 
  • Sprint Planning 
  • Kan-ban board 
  • Agile Task boards 
  • SharePoint 5 integration (Team Project Portal) 
  • Reporting & BI 
  • Project and Project Server 6 integration  
  • System Center 7 integration 
  • Version Control using TFVC Repositories  
  • Version Control using Git-based Repositories 
  • Code comments on Change sets or Git commits 
  • Work Item Tracking 
  • Build Automation 
8.  Visual Studio Online services 
  • Cloud-based Web Load and Performance Testing  
  • Web-based Test Execution 
  • Web-based Test Case Management 
  • Agile Portfolio Management 
  • Team (Chat) Rooms 
  • Work Item Charting 
  • Request and Manage Feedback 
  • Backlog Management 
  • Sprint Planning 
  • Kan-ban board 
  • Agile Task boards 
  • Version Control using TFVC Repositories 
  • Version Control using Git-based Repositories 
  • Code comments on Change sets or Git commits 
  • Work Item Tracking 
  • Build Automation 
9.  Collaboration Tools 
  • PowerPoint Story boarding 
  • Code Review 
  • Task Suspend/Resume 
  • Team Explorer 
  • Team Explorer Everywhere (third-party development tools support) 
10.  Supported Usage Scenarios 
  • Individual Developers 
  • Classroom Learning 
  • Academic Research 
  • Contributing to Open Source Projects 
  • Non-enterprise organizations 13, for up to 5 users 
  • Enterprise 
11.  MSDN Subscription Software and Services for Production Use 
  • Team Foundation Server 
  • Team Foundation Server User CAL 
  • Office Professional Plus 
12.  MSDN Subscription: Software for Development and Testing 
  • Microsoft Azure 9  
  • Windows, Windows Server 
  • Windows Embedded 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Microsoft SharePoint 
  • Microsoft Exchange 
  • Microsoft Office 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 
  • All other Microsoft servers 
13.  Other MSDN Subscription Benefits 
  • Plural sight training 12 video tutorial
  • Windows and Windows Phone developer account 
  • Office 365 Developer Subscription 
  • Technical support incidents 
  • Priority support in MSDN Forums 
  • Priority support in TechNet Forums 
  • Microsoft e-learning collections (per year) 
  • MSDN Magazine 
  • MSDN Online Chat 
  • Special offers from Visual Studio partners 
  • MSDN Subscriptions

System Requirement For MS Visual Studio 2015:-

1:- Your System Must be Core 2 due with 2.0 Ghz or above core i3 or i5
2:- RAM of you System Must be maximum 4 GB
3:- Hard Disk Space must be free 10 Gb
4:- Supported Windows 7, 8.1 and Also tested on Windows 10 Enterprise final
5:- System VGA Card or Graphic Card must be minimum 128 Mb or Higher
6:- DirectX 11 or Higher must be Installed in your System

How to download installed MS Visual Studio free:-

1:- Fallow the given below method and download it
2:- Mount your MSVS Enterprise 2015 in to your system
3:- Double click on setup file and installed in your System
4:- After Complete installation please gave key and activate it
5:- Now it is ready for use , you can start your work 
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Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2015 Iso file final with Serial:
Serial Key : HMGNV-WCYXV-X7G9W-YCX63-B98R2
Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Edition 2015 final Serial:
Serial Key : 2XNFG-KFHR8-QV3CP-3W6HT-683CH