Wakfu Raiders Hacked APK 2.4.1

Wakfu Raiders is an online RPG game. walkthrough over to your mobile device so here we are on different levels of panic go on continue what has really caught my mini games very straight forward to read very simple easy to get into you hired heroes and things like CA got my story here also have too many just yet but we just started two games different heroes level to make them stronger each have their own skills and in a skill sets they have a really cool in with your choir their meeting in the battle in you know so on so the battles of the battle system is very easy its turn based battle style animations and nice and it’s not one of those games where the term basis very very boil it down a little nice job with the game where you can see here using our guys over here you go on and you will get a cruel cutscene amazing animations lot of damage in with three much just nearly 200 again and use it to use honors its a very straightforward and simple but the animations in the kinds in a bit ahead and continue engaging about us we didn’t get into the damage look lovely. Wakfu Raiders MOD APK 2.4.1 Unlimited coins money cash currency.items to help us along with her journey over other games very very simple and straightforward when the levels complete them quite different heroes and battle them le’s go over 200 units over here as you can see we get a team quite a few different hero so established here go ahead and level up here a little bit stronger in the saddle up to demand things you can make your own characters much much stronger. to changing environments continue to see little bit different the last little locally run which is necessary to see that you know it’s not the same effort into the game kind of changing the series or the scenery a little bit.slowly progressing change over time which is nice t doesn’t feel are old enough to overcome is always a constant state of change and taking the running of the enemies into these fields.good online game to kill time.

What’s New: v 2.4.1
Patch 2.4.1 Xmas Update
-Use Wakfu Pass in the Crypt!
-Selector Bundle
-Elemental Summoner’s Key
-Chapter 10 – Brakmar 2
-Chapter 11 – Chillberg Island
-Level Cap raised to 80
-Hell Difficulty Unlock for Crypt
-New 3 Element Combo – AOE Attack
-Xmas Presents for all! Find presents around the world and get some attractive rewards!
-Xmas Vortex: A vortex appears randomly, enter and be ready for some fun and rewards!
-Exclusive Xmas Hero – Father Kwismas
-New Heroes:
o Rubio Goldgun
o Mhandal

What’s In The MOD: Thanks to p3triix
1. Items increse and not decrese when used
2. Equipments increse and not decrese when you equip them
3. A lot of gold after completing a dungeon
4. Player Fast level up
5. Units fast level up
6. Stamina cost set to 0
7. Gold evolve cost set to 0
8. Shards evolve cost set to 0
9. Shards summon cost set to 1
10. Materials needed to enchant set to 0
11. Get hit by an enemy and your skill will be available
12. Hit an enemy and your skill will be available
13. Put K.O. an enemy and your skill will be available
14. At battle end your skill will be available
15. All archivments completed – Extra gems xD
16. Mobs have low atk

Requires Android: 3.0 and Up

mod apk

Version: 2.4.1



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