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Hi Friend how are you ? Today am going to share with you a very nice software that will help you to extract those password that are saved in your Web Browser , It may be Google Chrome , Firefox , Internet explorer , Safari, Opera and so on . So now you can View Password , Email Id , User name and also web Url where you have to login with this information and retrieve these information if you have no longer remember or you have forget password or username of any web account ,So, You have just need to download Web Browser Pass View or Web Browser Password Viewer 2015. Or web Browser Password information decryptor or Retriever ,That is a also know Password Recovery Tool from your internet Web Browser, That will help us to reveals the passwords, Username , Email ID and Web site login URL address that are stored by the following Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera all new or old version also supported this software. This tool also can be used to recover your lost or forgotten password or Username , Email ID and Web site login URL address of any Website, including your most visited and popular Web sites, like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and GMail, Twitter , LinkedIn, Outlook and so on other website as long as old or new the password is stored by on your Web Browser that list above mention. So you need to just download this tool open and run it , It take just 3 Second to Retrieve your all stored information on you hard drive from any web browser.So. After retrieving your lost passwords and other information , then you can save them into given files formate like text, html. csv, or xml file and ‘Save Selected Items’ option (Ctrl+S). it on your hard drive or saved these list on your private folder, by using the So this software like WebBrowserPassView  have a great facility to now automatically detects the passwords and other login information of or from  Portable Firefox if it’s running in the background

Screenshot of Web Browser Password Viewer 2015:-

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Feature of Web Browser Password Viewer 2015:-

1:- Easy to Use
2:- No need of installation just Run it
3:- Saved you information in to any formate 
4:- Cheap and fast password decryptor or Recovery
5:- Supported all Windows version
6:- Supported All Web Browser version
7:- Popular for those who not longer remember their password
8:- Very Flexible and attractive user interface
9:- Translate Web browser in to any language
10:- Run from USB drive , mean if you want to extract password from any other Pc then insert USB in to those PC and Run this application.
11:- Recover Password from Un formatted or Formatted Hard Drive 
12:- Recovery Password information from un Partition Hard Disk

How to download and Use it:-

1:- First you need to Disable your Antivirus real time protection , Because it is Password Extractor so so Antivirus detected that it is virus but it is safe.
2:- Now download this program by given below method
3:- Use Winrar to extract this file
4:- Now Run any one file from them
5:- Now you will see all the information that are saved in your System Browser
6:- Now it depend on you , are you wan to save it by (Ctrl+ S) in to text ,  CV. HTML, Or XML file formate
If you really like this program then you need to first share this file on your Friends and family Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus Timeline and download it by given below link button.