WhatsApp B58 edition v7.1 FINAL With New Features Latest Version

WhatsApp B58 edition v7.1 FINAL


Based on beta version 2.16.399(beta)

mod apk

*Size just 22.12mb


*Make Phone call through SIM

Privacy mods (pause last seen, hide blue ticks, hide second ticks, etc)

**Reduced delay with hide blue and double ticks.

*Added open chat

Separate category of privacy for contacts, groups and broadcast message)


B58 Special mod includes

*Hide Archived chats

*Make text selectable

*Hide date and time while copying 2 or more

**Hide call button to avoid accidental calls.

Hide attach button.

*B58 Choosers include-

*Choose Bubble styles(20 options)

*Choose Tick styles(20 options)

*Choose Notify bar icon styles(20 options)

*Choose Launcher icon styles(9 options)

*Backup and restore messages

*Restart app

**Put name and phone number in action bar

Copy contact’s status.

*Added profile pic zoom

 Much more to be experienced by yourself.


*Added B58 Choosers(Choose ticks, bubbles, notifybar icon, launcher icon styles)

*Unlocked all hidden features.

*Added option to make direct phone call

*Added Always online back.