Windows 10 build 10151

While Wzor don’t push the build 10154 to the web, a chinese group has leaked build 10151. I have downloaded it myself and confirmed it is legit.
However at this moment the ISO is only available in chinese (ZH-CN), but in next hours we may get the English version too (as you see the image above is partially in English). I have found some users working on it and I hope they share with us a ISO with English version, if they don’t I guess I will do a tutorial explaining how to do it step by step. 🙂

What’s new?
This change log has shown up on the web, however it doesn’t seem to much accurate as some the changes listed there are from build 10147, which can also mean they were improved.

(click on images to enlarge)

Where to download?
As I mentioned above the ISO at this moment is only available on Chinese language.
Baidu Pass: 1s0a

mod apk

Google Drive Mirror:…iew?usp=sharing
pCloud Mirror: