Windows 10 Build 10159

Whoa… Microsoft has just released another Windows 10 build, yes, 2 builds in 2 days 🙂
This time Insiders are getting build 10159, after 10158, so don’t expect anything new, except we will get the Windows 10 Hero wallpaper, the official wallpaper for Windows 10, and I have also find a new user login windows layout. I can’t find anything else different from build 10158. I will continue to dig deep on this OS and try to find anything new, unfortunately I have no access to changelog.

The new wallpaper
This wallpaper has show off a couple of ideas ago, and obviously, some people like it, others not really. Just keep in mind you can always change it anytime 😉
Here it is the video showing off how this wallpaper was made.. hmmm lasers, smoke.. interesting!

Login Screen
The image below is from Neowin, however if you have installed this build you will also see the new login screen.
The most obvious change is that avatar and the password box are now centered on the screen. More than that, on the bottom, there is now three buttons related, respectively, Internet, Ease of Access and finally Power options. Many users were expecting the square avatar but it seems Microsoft will keep it round. 
Upgrading to this build is being a big head heck for many users. Some users are stuck on builds 10074 and 10130 and just can’t see this build on Windows Update (make sure WU is configured to get Fast Ring builds). Other users get errors while upgrading, and others just can’t download, there is no progress.
That’s the main reason I am sharing with you the ESD or ISO [not official released as Microsoft just release ISOs for Slow Ring builds, but they are untouched] allowing you to perform clean installs.
Core x86 Core x64 Pro x86 Pro x64
English ESD | ISO
Russian ISO ISO
Portuguese ISO