Windows 10 Build 10166

Flighting information for fbl_impressive (current preview branch for Windows Insiders). Last update 1st July
Canary Ring 10164
OSG Ring 10162
External Ring 10162
Several branches getting build 10166
5th July

Several branches got builds 10165 and 10166 this weekend. Although fbl_impressive stays on build 10164 for Canary Ring, perhaps tomorrow must jump to 10166. Towards the RTM!!

Build 10164 was pushed to Canary Ring while Insiders get 10162
2nd July

Microsoft is working hard these days, pushing two daily builds for internal Rings and this week has released three builds for Insiders – you read it right, THREE. Microsoft is on the latest Windows 10 development phase, the ‘bug smash’. For example. from build 10158 to 10159 were fixed 300 bugs, just in one day!!
At this moment build 10164 was pushed to Canary Ring while Insiders got build 10162 on Fast Ring, perhaps Gabriel Aul mentioned on twitter that this is a strong candidate for Slow Ring too.

There is no time to rest.. build 10162 being tested inside Redmond walls
1st July

Insiders must be really happy, after one month waiting patiently for a new build. On 29th June was released build 10158 for Fast Ring and passed 24 hours another build arrived, the 10159, also for Fast Ring. As a minor build update there is not much new, but was added the official Windows 10 wallpaper plus the login screen was updated. See everything you need to known about this build here. Windows 10 isn’t over, it won’t be for a long time with regular updates – thats Microsoft plan. With the sign off on 29th July, Microsoft has to get Windows 10 ready one week early, so that OEM can install it on their devices. Also, RTM must be right on the corner and is expected to be released next week. Microsoft can’t stop, the job must continue and so new builds came out every day. Right now Canary Ring and OSG are testing build 10162. As Microsoft released two builds in two days, can we expect a surprise very very soon? 😉

mod apk
More builds.. moving forward to 10160
28th June

We are one month to go for the launch of Windows 10 and Microsoft stills have to do a lot of job to make it great. That is definitely crucial so MS clean its image from the past after Windows 8 release, which was a failure, and also make their customers happy.
We won’t see more features in future builds, and that’s why we already know MS will release 2 major updates for Windows including features that couldn’t be ready till 29th July. The major work at this moment is finish the UI and fix bugs. At my view, Microsoft is not working at all in the apps, which is understandable as that is the easiest part, plus, all the apps and other features of the OS based on Universal Apps concept can be updated at any moment through Windows Store/Windows Update, which is great.
We are also 1-2 weeks to go from the Windows 10 RTM, will be nice to see how the OS will be at that phase. Some say it is going to release between 10-13th July but that’s not official.
For now, we, Insiders, are stuck on build 10130, which is kind of frustrating – besides the 10147 had leak and it seems 10151 and 10154 will leak too. At this phase Microsoft has all the feedback we provided and what they have to do now is in some way independent of our tests/feedback. Plus, releasing a build for Insiders evolves time to test various parameters and Microsoft can’t waste time that way.
About flighting information, Canary Ring is on build 10159 while OSG is testing 10158. Meanwhile, the first 10160 builds have shown up, however not for fbl_impressive branch.

Build 10157 arrives on Canary Ring | Partners are testing 10154, which may leak today
26th June

Today the Canary Ring received a new build, 10157. Meanwhile, the branch winmain was updated with 10158.
This might be interesting for Insiders, Microsoft Ring, the latest internal ring phase before it came outside Redmond walls, is now testing build 10154, which are signs it might be officially released for Insiders. More than that, Wzor leaked it Release Notes and it says it might grab the ESD and upload it on the Web. In the next hours we may have access to this build. You can follow all the action on this dedicated post.
Gabriel Aul also said, on twitter, that there are good candidates for PC, another sign that a new build for PC is right on the corner.

@j1cordingley @AndreAramis254 We have candidates for both PC and phone builds that look promising. Reviewing issues and deciding soon.

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) June 23, 2015

Canary Ring gets build 10156 | OSG is testing 10155
25th June

No new builds for Insiders for a long time.. what is Microsoft doing at this moment? The latest build released for Insiders was 10130 and meanwhile, the build 10147 leaked. The fact is everyday a new build shows up on MS database for fbl_impressive branch along all other branches. Currently, the Canary Ring is testing build 10156 and OSG is testing build 10155. Even OSG Ring, that usually get more or less one-two builds weekly, I have noticed that this week every time Canary gets an updated build, the OSG get the build Canary was previously testing. Canary Ring getting daily builds, sometimes 2 builds per day, is not new. What is new, is the fact that OSG is also getting daily updates and any of them are coming to Insiders. This fact may rise some questions… is Microsoft now busy to prepare the RTM, as we are one month to go Windows 10 sign-off, and so Microsoft enlarged the tests to OSG Ring to catch bugs more efficiently? That may explain the fact that Insiders don’t get builds for a while… but on the other hand, wouldn’t be better for Microsoft to release that builds to the “Real-world” to enlarge the sample and catch more bugs? Still, if OSG is not approving any build for Insiders, may that mean they are unstable?
I am going to try to contact Gabriel Aul, the header of Windows Insiders Program and try to know more.

New build 10152 | OSG gets build 10151
19th June

A new build, 10152, was pushed to Canary Ring. Gabriel Aul confirmed that no builds for today.

@eHougaard We won’t have a new build tomorrow, sorry 🙂

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) June 19, 2015

Meanwhile, build 10151 is already being tested inside Redmond walls [OSG Ring]

Build 10151 pushed to Canary Ring
19th June

Canary Ring just got a new build, 10151

Canary Ring just got a newer build 10150 | OSG is testing 10148 | 10147 leaked
17th June

The two main private Rings, Canary and OSG, got new builds today. The Canary Ring was refreshed with build 10150 while OSG Ring, the internal ring, is testing build 10148. Let’s see what will be the next updates to OSG Ring. Usually, when a build stays on OSG for some days, it’s a big indication for the next build to Insiders.

18th June

If you are tired of waiting for new builds for Insiders, I have good news for you. Windows 10 build 10147 leaked. Check out!!!

Build 10147 falls on Canary Ring | Build 10145 being tested internally
14th June

Canary Rings stills getting minor build updates everyday, this time got build 10147. Meanwhile, after a long time build 10134 being tested internally, OSG Ring just got build 10145. Windows Insiders still have to wait for a newer build, but at my opinion, we won’t get build 10134 anymore, we must get “fresher” builds.

Build 10144 came to Canary Ring
12th June

While Microsoft is pushing build 10130 to Slow Ring, the Windows Insiders may have to wait a little bit more to get a new build on their PC’s. It’s a bit frustrating as two weeks ago we have heard that build 10134 was a strong candidate and so far it’s stills under tests on Microsoft Ring, while the Canary Ring get’s daily minor updates and today go the build 10144. The next week is going to be interesting as there is a big possibility for a new Windows Mobile build – 10136 is on OSG Slow Ring. Also, other branches (not fbl_impressive) are getting new builds like 10145 and 10146! More updates soon

Build 10143 came to Canary Ring
10th June

One day later after Canary Ring get build 10142, now it got a minor change and pulled up to 10143. Windows Developer Team are testing this build, while OSG is testing 10134

Canary Ring gets new build: 10142

While Insiders don’t get new builds, after the build 10134 be said to be a very good candidate, Canary Ring has just received a new and fresh build, the 10142. I will keep you updated about new builds and if any information about them leaks 🙂

Windows 10 build 10138 was pushed to Canary Ring

It’s Friday, for disappointment of many Windows Insiders, build 10134 wasn’t pushed yet for External Ring. While that builds is under tests inside Redmond walls, OSG Ring, the Windows Dev team stills working and today released build 10138 which is now being tested. No more information about this build.

Windows 10 build 10136

While I have a post keeping you tuned about build 10134, a serious candidate for Windows Insiders, Windows Developer Team doesn’t stop and keeps working on new builds. With official confirmation that Windows 10 will signoff on 29th July, Windows Devs goal at this moment is simple: polish the corners and fix bugs. For disappointing of many Windows fans, you won’t see new exciting features for a while. With build 10134 being tested internally [OSG Ring], Microsoft pushed build 10136 to Canary Ring, which in other words, is being tested by Windows Developers team. At this moment, there is not much information about this build, but Gabriel Aul teased two pictures showing some new icons and also Word 97 on Windows 10 🙂

(click on images to enlarge)

Windows 10138.0.150603-2236.fbl_impressive_CLIENTPRO_RET_x86fre_en-us.esd 10138.0.150603-2236.fbl_impressive_CLIENTPRO_RET_x64fre_en-us.esd 10138.0.150603-2236.fbl_impressive_CLIENTENTERPRISE_VOL_x86fre_en-us.esd 10138.0.150603-2236.fbl_impressive_CLIENTENTERPRISE_VOL_x64fre_en-us.esd download ISO ESD 10138 10143.0.150609-1823 10142 10143 10143.0.150609-1823.fbl_impressive_CLIENTPRO_RET_x86fre_en-us.esd Windows 10 10152 Windows 10 build 10152 Windows 10 download build 10152 Windows 10 10152 iso download Windows 10 build 10152 iso Windows 10 10156 Windows 10 build 10156 Windows 10 download build 10156 Windows 10 10156 iso download Windows 10 build 10156 iso Windows 10 10157 Windows 10 build 10157 Windows 10 download build 10157 Windows 10 10157 iso download Windows 10 build 10157 iso Windows 10 10158 Windows 10 build 10158 Windows 10 download build 10158 Windows 10 10158 iso download Windows 10 build 10158 iso Windows 10 10154 Windows 10 build 10154 Windows 10 download build 10154 Windows 10 10154 iso download Windows 10 build 10154 iso windows 10 build 10162 download iso esd what’s new known issues gallery new build canary osg ring 10164 build 10164 windows 10 build 10164