Windows 10 Numix Edition 2015 Preactivated ISO full

About Windows 10 Numix 2015 ISO free: 

Download windows 10 numix x86 32bit 2015 with latest updates bootable image ISO file preactivated for PC. Windows 10 numix is a great operating system that are modified by windows 10 pro 32bit. Here you will be find latest wallpaper and themes.

download full version of Windows 10 Numix x86 2015 En-Us Pre-Activated
Windows 10 Numix x86 2015 En-Us Pre-Activated

Screenshot of Win 10 Numix edition:

It is fully customize with new style and speed. you will be finds many kinds of Icon’s background color daily basis usable program. It is fastest windows operating system because here we have removed all those services and application that are not used properly and also increase the desktop speed.

Windows 10 Numix x86 2015 En-Us Pre-Activated
Windows 10 Numix x86 2015 En-Us Pre-Activated with latest updates

It is a fully supported and running faster on your personal computer. It is a fully customized as like download Windows 10 Crux edition 2015 free. In this OS you also be find many types of modification and customization about your windows user interface. Now a day everyone user need to new look on his desktop computer so that’s way we think about it.

free downlaod Windows 10 Numix x86 2015 En-Us Pre-Activated
Windows 10 Numix x86 2015 En-Us Pre-Activated full version

And then download windows 10 pro or enterprise 2015 edition and start modification and customization on it and make a new look of windows 10. I also share with your windows 7 crux edition 2015 with latest update and it is fully preactivated. So these all the OS are the preactivated means it is already activated you have no need to activate it.

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download Windows 10 Numix x86 2015 En-Us Pre-Activated free
Download Windows 10 Numix x86 2015 En-Us Pre-Activated full

If you have any problem then you can contact with us. In this windows 10 Numix 2015 with latest updates and tweaks. we have added some tweaks and application that are mostly used to daily basis. So friend under below we are going to mention some application or services that are disabled and also new added.

Disabled Services list:

There are some services list that are disabled into windows 10 Numix edition full version.

  1. Windows Connect Now Config Registrar.
  2. Windows Media Player Network Sharing.
  3. Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator.
  4. Distributed Link Tracking Client.
  5. Network Access Protection Agent.
  6. Windows Process Activation.
  7. Net.Msmq Listener Adapter.
  8. Smart Card Removal Policy.
  9. Routing and Remote Access.
  10. Net.Pipe Listener Adapter.
  11. Net.Tcp Listener Adapter.
  12. Certificate Propagation.
  13. Media Center Extender..
  14. Net.Tcp Port Sharing.
  15. Application Management.
  16. Bluetooth Support.
  17. Windows Search.

These are all above service are going to disable that the effects on your system speed fast.

Add New Tweaks and enable some services list:

There are some important tweaks and services that are enable and added for increase speed of access to the any other function and also increased the system speed fast.

  1. Add ‘Register’ and ‘Unregister’ to *.dll, *.ocx and *.ax context Menu.
  2. Add the old windows task manager use (ctaskmgr) to execute it.
  3. Add ‘Open Elevated CMD here’ to Folder context-menu.
  4. Add ‘Task Manager’ to desktop context-menu.
  5. Add ‘Take Ownership’ to context-menu.
  6. Always Show Icons, Never Thumbnails.
  7. Increase Filesystem Memory Cache Size.
  8. Add ‘Unpack’ to *.msi context menu.
  9. Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files.
  10. Enable Legacy .NET Framework.
  11. Enable MSI Service in Safe Mode.
  12. Show ‘Computer’ on Desktop.
  13. Show ‘Control Panel’ on Desktop.
  14. Show ‘Network’ on Desktop.
  15. Show User Folder on Desktop.
  16. Allow 3rd Party Themes.
  17. Increase Icon Cache.
  18. Remove Shortcut Suffix.
  19. Show All Icons on System Tray.
  20. Speed Up Desktop.
  21. Change Setup Background.
  22. Open NFO files with notepad.
  23. Enable Boot Defrag.
  24. Always Unload DLLs.
  25. Increase RPC Packet Size.
  26. Keep Positive DNS Entries.
  27. Large System Cache.
  28. Turn off system beeps.

Software list that are current installed it:

  1. VLC media player latest version
  2. Google Chrome full updated
  3. Mozilla Firefox web browser
  4. µtorrent Pro full working
  5. Winrar latest activated
  6. Advanced Systemcare pro 8.4
  7. StartIsBack 1.3 full version

How to download and installed:

Note: It is a torrent file so you need to installed any torrent client software into your windows and then try again to downloading.

  1. First of all you need to download this windows numix iso file from given below method.
  2. After downloading complete please user any bootable USB burner software and burn it.
  3. Now insert USB where you want to installed this operating system.

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