Windows 10 Redstone

Windows 10 will launch on July 29, but Windows 10 won’t finish yet as Microsoft is already working on a new update for it operating system. The codename of the next major update is known as Redstone and will be release on 2016 in two waves. The first wave is targeted to arrive in June of 2016 and the second wave is scheduled for October of the same year. These waves will be trialed with Windows Insiders ahead of their release to the general population.
Mary Jo Foley reported that Redstone will be delivered automatically to Windows 10 users as part of the regular update process but that Redstone will be larger than the typical update and will provide new functionality.
There is no much information about Redstone, but we can expect a lot of features that Microsoft hasn’t implemented yet on Windows 10 Threshold.

10508.0.150724-1537.th2 | July 25, 2015
10506.0.150720-1853.th2 | July 21, 2015
10505.0.150718-1249.th2 | July 18, 2015
10504.0.150715-1825.th2 | July 16, 2015
10503.0.150713-1858.th2 | July 14, 2015
10501.0.150708-1754.th2 | July 9, 2015
10500.0.150706-1800.th2 | July 7, 2015