Windows 10 Threshold 2 UPDATE

Microsoft has released the brand new Operating System, Windows 10, on past 29th July, with build number 10240. Microsoft also announced to the world, that Windows 10 won’t be finished at all, in other words, Microsoft will continuously release updates with new features, improvements, new UI and so on. The first release had a branch name of Threshold Wave 1, and we knew that somewhen in November or December, Microsoft would release a Threshold Wave 2 update to the OS. Well, that release is expected on second week of November, Thursday 10th. This update will be released through Windows Update.

Windows 10 TH2 has signed-off

Since July, Microsoft has pushed several builds to Insiders on branch TH2 (which means Threshold 2), so we already have an idea of the major updates coming on it. It’s known that Microsoft has already chosen the build they are going to release. It has signed-off on 30th October, and build number is 10586. More interesting is that this build is RTM candidate for both platforms, Windows 10 ‘desktop’ and Mobile. Saying this, I doesn’t mean that Microsoft is done yet. Signed-off, means that Microsoft has picked that build to be the RTM. So, they won’t change anything else, no more features. That is will be the build they will release. Although, if Microsoft will push TH2 for PCs on 10th November and for Mobile devices somewhen in December, they have a good spare of time to fix bugs. That is it. In spite of no more features coming, as build 10586 signed-off, it isn’t finished yet, because it will get minor updates. On the following days, Microsoft will be working on fixing and otimizing, so that the build is good enough to public availability.

This is the build name for RTM. 
10.0.10586.0.th2_release.151029-1700 (released 30.Oct)

Windows 10 Mobile 10586

This is a Russian video showing off the build 10586.

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