World Cross Saga v2.9.4 APK Mod

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World Cross Saga v2.9.4 APK Mod “Wakusaga” is a competing RPG that scrambles “Toki” on the visualized time axis and thinks time.
You can have a play experience to hold a sweat in hand with the “battle field” where you can enjoy an online battle at 1 vs 1 and the “battle battle” where cooperation with three friends is the key! !
A super strategic type battle system that you can not get through with the fighting definition of the past, “It is advantageous if you take first hand!” Is waiting for your challenge! !

【Luxury staff members】
BGM Production and Supervision: Ito Kenji (Itoken)
Main Visual: Left
Voice actors: Hanae Natsuki, Horie Yui, Hidaka Rina, Masuda Toshiki, Saito Seimeum, other gorgeous voice actors are hired

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【Game Outline】
■ What kind of game?
It is a super strategic role playing game that reads mutual actions and assembles strategies.
Apart from quests that you can play alone, you can also enjoy a one-on-one battle [fighting field] and play with co-workers [fighting] also correspond!
Enjoy the “compromise”, “competition” and “bargaining” that are different from quests!

■ High thought is tried, time management battle system! !
A totally new battle system that battle units by installing units on the square of [Timeline] that visualized time is born!
Take into consideration the mass effect set on the [Timeline] and the situation of the enemy, let’s decide the command of the unit!
The strategy is exactly different! ! Deduce your own winning method!

■ One reversal “Cross cut in”
A cross-cut in function that can reverse greatly as an element to compete for time (Toki)!
I was able to return the time, “When not a big pinch!” Now you can!
Use the timing to use to compete against the enemy!

■ Easy operation × vertical holding play!
Operation is easy to play with a single vertical finger / finger!
Since there are [auto] and [double speed] functions, you can play with ease!

■ Full of custom features that you can make units only!
The breeding elements of the unit are [Materia Board] × [Weapon] × [Skill Book] and superb loading elements! !
Individuality is quite different even in the same unit …! What?
Materials and items are synthesized and upgraded!

※ It is possible to purchase some items.

【Supported Terminals】
Android 4.0 or later
※ There are some non-compliant terminals

【Official site】 ワールドクロスサーガ 時を思考する対戦RPG
ワールドクロスサーガ 時を思考する対戦RPG
ワールドクロスサーガ 時を思考する対戦RPG
ワールドクロスサーガ 時を思考する対戦RPG
ワールドクロスサーガ 時を思考する対戦RPG
ワールドクロスサーガ 時を思考する対戦RPG

1. One Hit Kill / High Damage


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