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The Aquila AT-01 with its two model variants A210 and A211 is a two-seat Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) entirely built from carbon and glass fiber reinforced plastics. It is equipped with a Rotax 912S 100hp engine and a MTV-21 constant speed propeller. The original Aquila aircraft is built in Germany. With it’s sleek design, the modern interior, state of the art avionics and a MTOW of 750kg it is a popular and cost efficient Training and Travel Aircraft, which blossoms into THE basic trainer aircraft in flight schools and flying clubs throughout greater Europe, Australia and Russia – it even gets popular in the United States.

The Aquila you are going to fly is developed by a passionate real world Aquila pilot. All objects, textures and functions are custom crafted with love for this great airplane. In-depth modelling of many details based on comprehensive original technical manuals as well es testing and fine tuning by real world Aquila pilots from all over the world aim on providing an ultra realistic experience for you. Fly like a Pro!
Exclusive Features

    Two (!) models of the airplane in one package
    First Garmin G500 adaption for an X-Plane payware aircraft
    Magic Functions & Floating Menus
    Extensive implementation of custom SASL-features (e.g. Choke, H.A.C. leaning automation, prop strike and many more)
    Volumetric side view prop effect
    Instant changeable wheel fairings
 (choose between Travel and Tundra)
    Original Rotax 912S sound
    Comprehensive documentation and reference to the real world aircraft
    4096 x 4096 hand crafted textures, selectively with normal maps and night lighting

    Correct physical model and airfoil parameters for laminar wings, ailerons, rudder, elevators and prop
    Correct engine parameters and limits
    Correct pitch deflection angles for the prop blades along with realistic weight and torque
    Detailed exterior with HD textures 
(e.g. place cards, screws, dirt)
    Detailed interior with HD textures (e.g. modelled seat belts and shoulder harnesses, leather seats, carpets)
    Night VFR with 3 independent HDR lighting options (instrument backlights, panel, dome light)
    Custom 3D gauges with in-depth modelling (e.g. floating fuel needles) and HD textures with original place cards mounted
    Picus X G500 with fully functional Primary Flight Display (PFD) incl. initialization and AHRS alignment
    Picus X G500 includes moving map
 based on the basic X-Plane® functions
    Up to 5 customizable approach charts for the G500 MFD
    WX forecast for the MFD
    GTX 330 transponder with automatic ALT or GND mode and splash screen on startup
    GMA 340 radio and intercom
    X-Plane GNS430 with custom 3D bezel and additional splash screen on startup
    Functional Davtron chronometer with UTC, local time and stop watch
    Floating menu with 3D view presets, floating Checklists for inflight use
    Fuel, Mass & Balance menu with real time altering and calculation
    Magic Functions for Engine Startup Sequence, Run-Up-Test Sequence, Shutdown Sequence
    Choke modelled (required for engine startup if cylinder head temperature is below 50° C)
    Prop strike damage modelled
 (toggled, if aircraft touches ground with less than 5° negative pitch)
    Functional Emergency Location Transmitter (ELT) on impacts larger 4.0 G
    Animated exterior (e.g. Vibrating exhaust tube depending from engine RPM, G-loaded shock absorbers)
    Static Elements 
(pitot tube cover, winglet covers, chocks)
    Animated pilot with Sennheiser headset and Rayban sunglasses (depending on sunlight)
    Removable key with slinging key chain
    Original Rotax 912S sound including advanced starter, ignition and shutdown noises
    Custom tire squeal sound, independent for each tire touching ground

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Included in the package
    Two (!) models of the airplane – Aquila A210 model with classic analog gauges AND Aquila A211G model with Garmin G500 adoption
    10 HD Liveries + 1 HD Blank livery
    Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) including Speed and Performance Reference PDF
    Technical Handbook with recommended Settings PDF
    Normal Procedures Checklists PDF
    Emergency Procedures Checklists PDF

System Requirements
Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

        OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux (please refer to the requirements of X-Plane®)
        Processor: Multi Core Processor at least 2.5 GHz
        Memory: 4 GB RAM
        Graphics: VRAM at least 1 GB
        Storage: 700 MB available space
        Additional Notes: The Aquila comes with SASL 2.4.0 included (64-bit only!)

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